to be to be, to be

A dog with a bone is a dog with an anecdote. The time spent to dig a whole and the time spent to release and bury. Oh, the time taken to let go, for now. That bone was a laugh. It reminds me of the time I spent on this sentence. Deciding the objective let alone the subject. I delete then add and later on delete more than was previously there. You see they have nothing to do with each other. And we are all the better for it. Not so with stories.

The pleasure and the nature of the anecdote was lost long ago to the story. It was lost to closure. It was told to behave and to be honest and to be direct. Lets hope our lives are nothing like stories. Not because they end, but more so because they sometimes are long winded and boring. Stories need a purpose. In contrast, anecdotes relate to being human since they tell everything and nothing at the same time. We take what we like and do many things with the information. Most importantly nobody is held accountable.