A smashed up paper in an empty room. Who was there before? How long has it been? Where they here because of similar interest? Most people have the choice of where they live. An empty room with a crushed piece of paper. A hurried or careless person? What is captivating about an empty room? It is the same with a new person.

It is the promise of a future. Hopefully it has no visible carpet stains. An empty room is promising though. The choice of high pile rug and satin curtains and white or colored walls is all up in the air. Its not flying though. It is in fact invisible for now, but you know what you want. It is the same with a similar person.

When you move you also leave an empty room. You can see where everything was. Where everything happened. The stains will be gone soon. The carpet installer will come to make everything look new. Its even new in the way that it is new to you. Everything that is has changed. It is the same with an old person.