If comes with a lot. If takes on a lot. It is a best friend that lets you speak of many things. Always without interruption. It does not care for grammar with some. If, this is what would of happened: I would have said yes to pizza, no to vanilla, answered the call "speak now or forever...", told a girl yes and answered no, answered yes with a no, given the finger, made a french citizen cry, been praised for less, solved the riddle to save the town from destruction, caught a meteor, taken control of my dreams, created a new way of thinking, lost myself in a book, called a deer dear, placed chocolates on pillows, put on a mask for Halloween, stopped writing for a moment to listen, placed money underneath a pillow, taught myself the cello, correctly answered cellist, cared enough, knew when, wrote a novel, skipped a song, partied for two, stole thyme, collected chocolate coins because they are the most suitable, called for revenge, taken two steps, sought crazy and won, brought up the never ending story, given this time, said yes again, wanted Wednesdays off, convinced someone of my German heritage, used less and not fewer, and told of the things that make life interesting like following my family motto, Tomorrow.

Maybe it is the comic sans of language. Whatever it is in the end in terms of a being, it is helpful.