The ocean and the sea

If only the sea. By any name and many outcomes the sea is always evoked. Is it because its vastness? Long has it been since it was discovered. Where is the mystery and majesty that it conveys. Smells that are nice or reasonable are boiled lobster tail or creole shrimp. No one real does want to smell like seaweed and salt. Let alone the smell it consist of when adjacent to a large city.

Water even in it is smalles amount still is known for its sensational-ness. The sea, sometimes the ocean, comes out of nowhere. It is still magical for many reasons. For me it is that you can slide right into it. The salt won't do much to keep you above if not for the kicking and swooping of arms and legs. It must be its inconsistency, like an addict. Always encouragable especially when it comes to drugs. Water is hard to hold in your hand, it evaporates. Water slips through the fingers. Try to contain it by drink it up and it will most certainly be pissed out within an hour. It is susceptible to sweating as well. Even then it is magical. Maybe the sea is like family, you can't really help but like them.