Space and Time, Time and Space

Travel weathers reality much more than we could imagine. Time and space are synonymous with each other, most of us feel that way. Magellan understood it as he circumnavigated the globe. Each day marked time spent. Every change in shore line marked progression along the coast. Everything crawled along but everything was noticed. Travel has eroded it to much less. When we travel we mostly worry about how sore our butts will be by the end. Sometimes narcotics are important. There is no thought to the feet and the various aches and worn soles they will surely develop. Curiously, stretching often is still important.

Travel use to be about time and extremities. It was accomplished. Cars and planes only provide comfort. Water shortage, frostbite, and heatstroke or only meant for those that are daring enough to hike. For the rest of us absentmindedness is key to travel.