I Got Rocks

If God did ever create that inmovable rock might he have been able to move it? "Certainly I'm better than that loaded question," would of thought God and would have vanquished the rock and continued with naming light bright and establishing tea time across time zones.

Inside of a Choice something always gets devoured. The wants and the desires, pursuits. With what is taken something is given up. If not pistachio then vanilla ice cream. A night our or even brown bagging-it. The world is made of choices. And the world is is filled with countless ways to attack one. In the end it is like skipping rocks across a solid lake bed. It will either take you far or get swallowed with a thunk.

Make choices. The best result is an interesting story. Although I heard, "good stories only happen to those that can tell them." They most definitely start of with, "It was like..."