Another Ocean

For a night I lived in a world with selective gravity. Actually the centripetal force was just greater then it is here. That was the reason why the days were shorter, but the moon still came around every so often and the sun kept us in orbit. The end result is that we lived on the ceiling. Make shift lights were hung and ladders were essential. The most important thing to remember was that there were no hand rails on our open apartment. They were now above us and completely useless. The ocean was know beneath us. It was formaly the sky. It did all the same things. At sunrise it changed from a deep violet to reds and oranges which then revealed a bright blue. It did the reverse at sunset. You also couldn't help but stare at it. And finally like the ocean and the sea this ocean was unforgiving.

I spent my time looking down on our new ocean. Sitting on the edge I sensed the same fear of falling into the first ocean, our original ocean. Just that in this one there would be no such thing as buoyancy. Likeness in many aspects of fear and love. I never saw anyone fall into the sky. Did astronauts have the same fear? Once count down is done they fly up and away. They loose their control. Their connection gone. There is something in both that is at times hard to identify. It is why we stare at the ocean. In it exist a place beyond having letting go? Essentially where it takes us no one knows. Wether it is down below or across its lengths, and in this case into space, what awaits is what it is. Only after does it start to look familiar. They are made of the things that people tell us.

My time there was short lived like many things. There weren't to many places to explore. Just two balconies that face south and an ocean. Unsuprisigly the one thing it did lack was waves.