There are many types of hiding available. Hiding yourself from something unwanted.  There is the type of hiding that places an object between you and a projectile. Your skin does a very good job of keeping the mystery of your digestive system. There are also the wallflowers at a party hidden by nothing more then their aggressively quiet eagerness. There is also the most common type of hiding which is keeping parts of your life separate from each other that is neither negative or positive. What they are are simple occurrences of forgetfulness. We simply cannot remember everything. We usually say that we are doing good and push the interesting and sometimes more poignant events of the day aside. But that is training and that is culture and that is the human capacity.

What we hide is not shame. In fact we don't hide much because in the uttering of "good" we can read what is really there.  My favorite is the "oh.... what? Good." Even then we realize that there is to much at hand to coherently make sense of everything. But realizing that just being is the best part of it all.