A Batch of Short Stories

Stories are important to us because they have conclusions. We have control over them. A few pages at lunch time or after an evening shower. The lives of the characters are managed and unchanging for the most part. I say that because characters are defined by their listed characteristics, but live according to how we see them. By comparison the lives we live are endless in the manor that they are bountiful with surprise. That is precisely why no one is satisfied with palm readers. Stories have in them what we can never have, even with death. They have conclusions. Even for atheist there is something on the other side. Most say nothing. But you can't have nothing without something. An eternity of nothing is still something. But that is semantics and doesn't arrive at much other than a clever sentence. 

Of course there are books filled with drugs, stabbings, and ritual sacrifices. And lets not forget revenge. Our lives are much more chaotic then we realize though. That is all the reason to enjoy it. Because in contrast we carry on with what ever has happened to us. We don't reach a point of bliss and everything is ever so happy forever. We reach points in our lives and then we go on. As I once heard said, "Good times pass, but so do the bad."