Its okay if its not the same

It is hard to let go. As you get older things get smaller, other things taste different, and somethings are lost. The curious thing about puzzles is that they are always lost piece by piece. They also end the same way, with a final piece. The very fist time every piece is placed where they should be. Its not too exciting, but the longer you keep a puzzle the more likely that you loose a pience. Also the edges of each piece erode and then its just a matter of time before pieces start fitting in where they don't belong. Of coarse you move them out and try to find the right place for them. They are minor inconveniences that end in the same result.

Long after that though. Much longer. You'll end up with a puzzle that is suggestively similar. It will be the residual of the previous times that will remind you what belongs in the empty slots. It will still have the same results, but paradoxically as it is built over and over again it will be different. Like the difference in every glass of water which is made up of mostly the same elements.