Words with You

Words never hold any meaning until they are written, but most importantly read. Inflections and connotations. How do we do about them? And now that you aware you must now consider that the beginnings of seasons, like sentences, start with small gestures lost in the current season. A gust of cool northern wind and chapped lips, winter has come and it will fist you unkindly. Then again seasons do as they please and words, they entertain their own monologue separate from yours. Just try and make sense of conversation. It should be assured in early childhood that what you mean can sometimes come out the wrong way.

"It is the fifth day of April. And my hands feel like January. It is much to cold to hold hands and my pockets are to small to host yours too."

Is it indifference? Is it just to demonstrate that it is cold? Maybe it is the words of a coward? Nonetheless words do as they wish and not asked of. Literalness is lost sometimes in beautiful passages. But I would prefer ambiguity than having to say something with no character. Say anything though. Hope that it means the same as the thoughtfulness and emotion that push them out without much thought.