Thought V. Empire

I would much rather be a thought than a empire or nation. Sure some might not quite understand the perimeters of my subject. No one would really hate me. It's much harder to loath a though than it is an empire. It is also easier to hate the person than the thought that comes out of their mouth. When we think of recent hated men and women all we need is a name. What ever they did, it sometimes bears repeating, but only to those that don't know. The thought, well it makes its way past everyone.

So. I would rather be a thought tonight. I could be heard and paraphrased. But I will be my own. No affiliations. I would then be a vengeful opinion. I don't want that. All I want is to exist and be casual about it. I'll live on for a very long time. Far longer than any empire and until all memory is gone. Maybe History won't be cyclical at that point. It will be strait line with points assigning when something was last repeated.

What's is the oldest thought that keeps everyone talking? And how much older is it than the oldest empire? Rome versus Socrates?