in a word infinite

The universe as is the ocean. Best described as a myriad. Being that beyond a point they both are infinite. And while on of them is infinite the other isn't, yet it does persist to be just out of our reach (the Bottom of the ocean). The problem man creates is to deal with tasks as long as they are manageable. Otherwise known as being lazy. And not to be confuse with the itis (which sometimes comes after lunch and even twice in a day, after dinner). Most do not have a say in that. So it is in a world of infinities that goals are always out of reach. Things are mostly described as "the worst of times." Yet things work and life goes on. Considerably well for some, okay for others.

Problems are seldom to be found, as it is "acceptance" that does away with that . Mathematically jumping from 12,438 to 12,439 only exist as a single solitary step up. Yet the void that exist in-between is an infinite set of numbers. The closer you looking the more you understand that there are smaller and smaller divisions, eventually giving way to comprehension and a lack of nouns. Ignorance is the driving force that produces the single step and the preceding ones, too. The foolish man continues, but so does the obsessive compulsive.