A history of........................... and its products?

For the most part trash is trash and useless, very inanimate too, and never the twain shall part. Precisely what is wrong with romantics and society at large. Quick mends of coarse don't fix the major faults. But knowledge and patience heals all (as it has been told to me). A practice so forgotten, to place it with myths would be accurate. A testament to the willingness of society to stay current. Heartless and indifferent.

So it is the nature of man to measure what is functional. To deal with the practical is just nonsensical. And practicality with goods is a signifier of wealth. More of it means less money most of the time.

This brandishing of money. What it says of us is remarkable. There seems to be no other use for it then to collect stacks of to wave about. But what then? There are no floods and it does not make for a suitable step ladder. The obvious would be to donate it and/or move to a place where it holds no value. But that isn't true. Decades end, grass is cut, drinks are order, calls are made, cells divide, and someone makes a terrible observation. What can be said about society is nothing new. Objects will always be life-less, therefore meaningless, and mathematically disposable. Never given the care that they sometimes need, despite that they are a pleasure to have.