From small digestible station wagons to quasars a static Universe beckons a different set of adjectives. And it is the universe that is more often than not ignored. Our region, the Milky Way, itself chooses to toss aside our casual flirtation of the immovable, so does the Earth. As it stands few humans have moved passed the vanity of our culture to the second characteristic of the universe. It is dynamic. That we could never be still even with medication. The stink eye would have no better chance, nor would God's immovable rock. If its in the universe its going to have to move. There is no waiting until 7am.

Astronomers, those few humans, all seem to understand. Their cold damps backs and empty flasks confirm this… A slow march through the sky by the electric light parade, is not evidence of an all night bender. It is the universe in motion. And like a raging party , they are things that are quite hard to ignore. It is not questionable. It is ever present, like facts. I will now say Facts, that are true, are not opinions. Facts have no place for opinion. They are unchanging, unless and until another fact replaces the former because it is now the truest. The world would then disagree. It so rightly does and does so because of the nature of information. Meaning it is passive and mute. Spoken for. Something that I have proved in so many words. Next time inanimate objects have feelings too (an opinion).