Money or is just remarkable

A dollar, not so much the black sheep of the family, but more the indifferent victim of if not uncommon events then outstanding situations. Pressed between the ass cheeks of a stripper, a deep sea diver covered in cocaine, also a desert night raider, and the means to a brawl. An eventful life, some might say... And I do agree. How is it that this seemingly inanimate object is involved in so much action is the subject of tonight's quarrel with human nature.

Deaf, dumb, blind, and limb-less, yet found in most places. Dollars as I choose to believe are not fond of travel, but then who am I to paraphrase dollars. Humans, I am one of these, also found everywhere and most capable of travel are still fond of far off locations. The ability of mobility does have its benefits, but never taken serious by people. Bogged down by the availability of automotive transportation. Never pondered at the possibilities of corporal transportation. Never had a day filled with wonder for hidden places. The hopeless victims of the monetary sense due with just (fill in the blank) ___________. The ordinary I suggest. Familiarity is a close second. Although the possibilities of a four mile radius is relative in nature. Wonder can always save you from the ordinary. I choose to believe in Santa, but that is a topic for another day.