The amount of steps to fill a room's square footage.

How many can actually have claimed to have stepped on every square footage available in their bedroom? Enter room, approach closet, take off clothing, put on bedroom attire, head for desk, and then bed to sleep. Within this routine when would we go for the corner to stand next to a lamp. It might seem strange, but who is to say is the stranger..... The one ignoring the room they so calmly sleep in night after night or the person discovering the possibility of every visual angle available?

I say the point is familiarity and not peculiar acts of nature against a room (a Point I will discuss at a later date). Taking all the unnecessary steps to get from one corner to the other we will eventually find something that we never knew we were missing. The products of a disenchanted night, the last peace of a jigsaw puzzle, loose change, and the correct angle of morning sun ray avoidance. They will inevitably become a places to look for in the future. Or a clever anecdote.